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Don't just survive....Thrive with Youngevity!  
We will help you with advice on products and how to get the best pricing. To order, see how to obtain a wholesale buyer account number below under "Not yet a wholesale buyer?"    

We have been with Youngevity for 17 years and are very experienced with product recommendations and the fastest way to get the results you want within your budget. Dr. Wallach's focus has always been bringing people off medication and back to health. See Youngevity's YouTube channel here (there are many testimonials on YouTube for Youngevity products).

Youngevity products contain 30 servings per container and include all non-GMO ingredients. All are tested for the presence of herbicides, pesticides, and heavy metals. Our flagship product, plant-derived minerals, are certified organic, as are many other ingredients. No artificial ingredients, sweeteners, or fillers are used. Virtually all products are diabetic friendly. Prices quoted here are wholesale. Satisfaction guaranteed.
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Browse Youngevity's hundreds of products here (click on Shop Now). If you decide to purchase, you will be asked whether you are already a "Customer/Rep," which is a wholesale buyer (see what that means below). If you have already been in contact with someone about Youngevity, be sure to order through that person's web site.

Here is more information on the various health paks
, such as the Healthy Body Start Pack. This contains all 90 essential nutrients necessary for optimal health ($115 wholesale price).

New to advanced nutrition? Start with this:
The Healthy Body Start Pak includes Youngevity's TOP-SELLING product, comprehensive multi Beyond Tangy
Tangerine Nutracrystals ($49.50). This highly advanced and delicious powder, mixed with water, contains almost everything you need to thrive: 130 nutrients and 115 fruits and vegetables. Read about Beyond Tangy Tangerine along with Beyond Osteo-fx (liquid calcium supplement, $42), and EFA Plus (essential fatty acids, $30.50) here.    

If you are already supplementing, consider Youngevity's new Healthy Body Start Pack 2.0 ($118) here. It contains the updated Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0 ($52.50), Beyond Osteo-fx powder ($42), and the EFA Plus mentioned above.

What's behind Dr. Wallach and Youngevity? See here

Click here and select I Want to Learn More to see a short video. Also, check out Youngevity's main site here.

Not yet a wholesale buyer?  

We encourage you to contact us first with any questions about what you might need. Then browse products here. If you decide to purchase, you will be given the option to enroll as a $10 team member (we recommend this as a way to get checks back from Youngevity for referrals), or a preferred customer (simply purchase wholesale). If you are looking for a sideline business, we recommend the CEO pack. Contact us to find out more about the advantages of being a CEO.

Already a Youngevity wholesale buyer?
Go to, click on the Business Center Login, and enter your ID number or user name, then your password. This takes you to your "back office," where you can place orders. To research products here, go to My Orders > New Order. If you do not know your account number, user name, or password, call Youngevity at 800-982-3189.  

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